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Hugh Holton

The great man himself.

The great man himself.

Hugh Holton is a Glasgow-based composer, songwriter and producer, currently studying at the Royal Conservatoire of Scotland.

Thanks for visiting my site! Click on the tabs above for audio examples of my work in Videogame Music, as a Songwriter and also concert works I have written.

It has always been my childhood dream to be a composer of videogame music, so I’ve always been aware of how the music should be integral to the world the game creates, and how the music can enhance the experience in different ways- from the iconic melodies of old school games adding to the overall fun/frustration, via the dynamic emotional range of RPG’s such as Nobuo Uematsu’s final fantasy scores, to more modern cinematic orchestral approaches ramping up the atmosphere.

I am well at home creating all sorts of electronica, pop, rock, metal, and old school game music. In addition I am well versed in the use of Symphobia, a large orchestral sound library, so can produce sweeping orchestral cinematic scores without the time or budget issues of hiring a full orchestra.

I am available for all sorts of work- I am experienced in working to deadline, and working to set ideas, so I would have no problem being instructed what to do, although I am also confident in my ability to suggest ideas of how the music can perhaps work better and be integral to the game development process

For offers of work, or further information,
CONTACT: hugh@hughholtonmusic.com

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